Waterborne Finish

A waterborne finish to your timber flooring can enhance your Gold Coast home

Waterborne finish is a hard wearing non-toxic finish used for timber flooring. Although it is generally more expensive than solvent based finishes, waterborne finishes are gaining popularity largely due to having a lower level of toxicity.

Timber Flooring - Gold Coast - Waterborne Finish

Waterborne finish is generally applied over a timber flooring sealant which can be solvent based or water based. Applying over a sealer not only enhances the colour of the timber flooring.

Waterborne finish is available in matt and gloss finishes and typically darkens slightly over time.

There is a low odour associated with a waterborne finish during the application process.

A waterborne finish will keep a light natural look to your timber flooring and will not orange over time. Although it can be used for all types of timbers, it compliments pine timber flooring and blonde colour timbers especially well.

What are the benefits of choosing a waterborne finish over other types of finishes?

The biggest advantage for choosing a waterborne timber flooring finish over other types of finishes is that it is environmentally friendly so there is no toxic fumes or smell. This means that you and your family don’t need to vacate your home for the finishing process.

A waterborne finish typically has a fast drying time, usually within an hour and is available in a satin finish, semi-gloss finish and a high gloss finish.

Waterborne finish will not yellow as it ages like some finishes but expect it to darken slightly over time which can help keep a natural timber look to your timber flooring.

This type of finish is less susceptible to rejection or contamination from natural saps and oils that occur in timber.

What type of timber is waterborne finish suitable for?

All timber species are suitable for finish with a waterborne finish. This means whatever type of timber flooring you have you can choose a non-toxic and environmentally friendly finish.

Are there downsides to choosing a waterborne finish?

You will typically pay a higher price for a waterborne finish but for most people the upside of having a non-toxic finish that is friendly to the environment make this an ideal choice.

Call the timber flooring experts on the Gold Coast for any questions on waterborne finishes

The waterborne finishes we use for all our timber flooring finishes are Australian made. If you need expert advice about timber flooring or waterborne finish give us a call. We service northern NSW and Brisbane as well as the Gold Coast which is where we’re located.

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