Jarrah is a stylish and timeless timber flooring we have available on the Gold Coast

If your carpets are starting to look worn it may be time to consider timber flooring. One of the benefits of timber flooring is that is long lasting. The lifespan of carpet is typically around 10 years and up to 15 years if it’s well looked after whereas solid hardwood timber flooring can last up to 100 years. To maintain timber flooring in pristine condition, we recommend light sanding and re-coating every 3 to 5 years.

Timber Flooring - Gold Coast - Jarrah Flooring

Timber flooring can act as insulation to help your home stay warm in the winter months and cool in the hot summer months we get on Gold Coast.

Jarrah comes from one of the most common type of Eucalyptus tree native to south west Western Australia. The word Jarrah is an aboriginal word referring to both the tree and the wood. Its colour varies from rich red to deep brown and it tends to have a straight grain.

If you’re considering putting in timber flooring, Jarrah is one popular hardwood option. It has a distinctive appearance that will give you a timeless and stylish look. Jarrah timber flooring is known for its durability which makes it a good choice as a hard wearing floor that can handle high traffic.

When you work with us you’ll be working with a family business that takes pride in all our work. We work with builders, residential home owners, commercial premises and even sporting venues.

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If you’re considering Jarrah as a choice for timber flooring you can trust our highly trained expert team. We have been timber flooring specialists since 1999 for Brisbane, northern NSW and the Gold Coast. We offer a complete timber flooring service from repairs, sanding, polishing and complete installation. Contact us for expert timber flooring advice or a no cost obligation free inspection and quote.

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