Ironbark is a beautiful, hardwearing timber flooring we have available on the Gold Coast

Ironbark timber flooring can give the floors of your home a rich and warm look. Hardwood timber flooring ages well often improving in looks. Timber flooring that is looked after should last a lifetime as hardwood timber is already a naturally long lasting material.

Timber Flooring - Gold Coast - Iron Bark Flooring

Another benefit is that being organic and hypo-allergenic. Timber flooring is also naturally a non-electromagnetic material which means it doesn’t attract dust and other particles that can irritate people with allergies or asthma.

Timber flooring not only looks good; it is comfortable enough even for a baby to crawl or play on.

Ironbark is a Eucalyptus tree native to eastern NSW. As a timber it is dense, making it especially hard and durable. Along with timber flooring, Ironbark is also used for house framing, industrial construction and even in sporting goods.

One reason people choose Ironbark for their timber flooring is because of its natural colour variation that offers a varying range of hues from pale brown dark brown and even dark red.

As a natural resource, timber flooring is both renewable and recyclable. Timber flooring produces five times less carbon emissions than using ceramic tiles making it an ecological choice for green conscious people.

At Millennium Floors PTY LTD we can help you choose a timber flooring from up to 15 different types of timber to fit with the style and décor of your home. Our professional and experienced team can complete a full installation, sanding and finishing with the least disruption to your home environment and lifestyle and most importantly, finished on time. When we’re done, we’ll remove all rubbish and leave your home clean.

For all your timber flooring needs on the Gold Coast call Millennium Flooring

We offer free onsite evaluations and competitive pricing. We specialise in timber flooring for Gold Coast homes, sporting venues and commercial venues. We can repair your existing timber flooring; we can rejuvenate your existing timber flooring or we can install new timber flooring. Call us for an obligation free quote or expert timber flooring advice.

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