European Oak

European Oak is a beautiful timber flooring we have available on the Gold Coast

The first thing you’ll notice when you start looking into timber flooring is just how many options there are. Choosing the right wood for your timber flooring is not just about choosing your preferred colour or wood. You need to take into consideration the function of the room or rooms that you plan on putting timber flooring in as well as your budget.

Timber Flooring - Gold Coast - European Oak Glass Round Table

Timber flooring is a good way to increase the value of your home as well as creating a fresh look that will wear well for many years to come.

Timber flooring is both energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Once timber flooring has been sanded and finished its properties make a hygienic option for your family because it doesn’t attract dust and other allergy causing particles.

European Oak also commonly known as French Oak and English Oak typically has a straight grain although depending on growing conditions it can sometimes have an irregular grain.

European Oak is a hard wood with natural tines from light to dark brown are versatile enough to compliment both traditional and contemporary spaces. Because of its classic colour it generally contrasts well with light and dark coloured furniture and walls.

If you’re thinking about getting timber flooring, we’re the right people to talk to. We are family owned and have been operating since 1999. We guarantee you a 5-star service, quality workmanship and competitive prices.

For all your timber flooring needs on the Gold Coast call Millennium Flooring

If you’re thinking of choosing European Oak for your timber flooring, we can help you choose the right colour and install it for you. We look after the entire process including sanding and finishing which means that the Millennium Floors PTY LTD in-house team on the Gold Coast can look after you from start to finish. Unlike most timber flooring companies, we don’t bring in outside contractors to complete only one part of the job. We do it all!

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