Is Brushbox timber flooring right for your Gold Coast home?

If you’re considering timber flooring for your home, you need to consider more than just the type of timber used. While you might have a preference for a specific type of timber, such as Brushbox for your timber flooring it’s important that the timber has the right qualities for your needs.

Timber Flooring - Gold Coast - Brushbox Timber Flooring

The natural colour of the species of timber is one consideration. You will need the colour to match in with your home’s existing décor, paint and furniture. The natural lighting in your home can also make a difference to how the colour will look.

All commercial timber is graded and given a hardness rating to help builders use the right timber for the right purpose.

Grading is a timber industry standard used for quality control. It takes into account both strength and appearance, two things that are important with timber flooring.

Hardness is measured using a scale called the Janka hardness test. Using a test sample of wood, it is used to measure how much denting and wear it can withstand.

Brushbox timber has a fine even texture with a natural colour that varies from pinkish grey to deep red brown. Brushbox is a native Australian timber found on the edge of rainforests on the eastern seaboard around central NSW up to northern Queensland.

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