Solvent Based Polyurethane

A solvent based finish provides a harder finish for your timber floors.

Timber Flooring - Gold Coast - Solvent Based Polyurethane

With its high abrasion resistance, a solvent based finish can be a good way to reduce the level of routine maintenance that is generally required for timber flooring.

A solvent based finish provides a hard finish and is available in a range of matt and gloss style finishes. Solvent based finishes will darken the timber flooring as it ages.

The odour that occurs during the application when using a solvent based finish is very strong but will dissipate as the finish dries.

What are the benefits of choosing a solvent based finish over other types of finishes?

A solvent based finish brings out both the colour and the grain of the timber. It is also the hardest wearing finish on the market which can make it an ideal choice for heavy traffic areas and for pet owners.

What type of timber is a solvent based finish suitable for?

A solvent based finish is suitable to be used on most hardwoods. If you’re in doubt give us a call at Millennium Floors PTY LTD.

Are there downsides to choosing a solvent based finish?

Solvent based finishes release strong fumes while its drying so you will need to vacate the premises for at least 48 hours during this process.

If you’re thinking about having timber flooring installed in your Gold Coast home, office or sporting venue talk to us at Millennium Floors PTY LTD. If you already have timber flooring, we can bring them back to life with sanding and polishing.

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