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What timber flooring best suits your Gold Coast home?

Timber flooring is versatile enough to suit any style of decoration. The two most common types of timber flooring are strip flooring and parquetry.

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Solid strip timber flooring is fitted together by matching sides and ends which means that the long side and both ends need to have a tongue and groove cut into them. For this reason, strip flooring is sometimes referred to as tongue and groove. This type of timber flooring can be fitted tightly and nailed to the subfloor making it a stiff assembly that improves the structural integrity of the building.

Before you choose a timber flooring style it is important to take into consideration the size of the room, its usage and the amount of traffic that the room is likely to get.

There are two main types of solid strip timber flooring available:

Traditional 19mm tongue and groove which can be nailed to bearers, joists or to battens over concrete.

Overlay which is where a 10mm, 13mm or 14mm solid strip is installed over concrete, existing timber flooring or plywood.

Installing solid strip timber flooring often makes a room appear more spacious. Another advantage is that it can handle foot traffic immediately after the installation.

Timber Flooring - Gold Coast - Parquetry Floor with white sofa beside tree

Parquetry is possibly the most stunning type of timber flooring. Parquetry is essentially just hardwood pieces that are fitted together to produce a geometric shape or decorative pattern. Parquetry can be used to give your floor a unique look and character. As with general timber flooring, parquetry flooring is low maintenance and easy to keep clean. It is also hard wearing and has the same characteristics as strip timber flooring. Parquetry can be laid over any flat dry surface including concrete.

Parquetry is hard wearing and handles heavy traffic areas well making it ideal for halls, steps, dance studios, entrances and passage ways.


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