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Oil based finishes (alkyd/oleoresins) are a traditional type of timber flooring finish that is rarely used these days. The manufacturing process relies on the chemical reaction caused when a particular chemical reacts with a natural oil such as Linseed oil or Tung oil.

Timber Flooring - Gold Coast - Oil Modified Finish

Tung oil is obtained from the nut of the Tung tree. Varnishes and Tung oils both classified as oil based finishes. They are associated with traditional polished and waxed timber floors that were commonly used before modern types of finishes were available.

Oil based finishes are still available today but they require greater regular maintenance than other types of finishes. Although, with the use of acrylic floor polishes, they have become easier to maintain.

Oil based finishes will darken with time and they are unlikely to edge bond boards of timber flooring.

With a wider range of quality finishes on the market it is very rare to use an oil based finish for timber flooring these days. Traditionally an oil based finish was used because it produced a natural look for timber flooring in comparison to a solvent based finish. These days a natural look is easy to achieve without having to use an oil based solvent.

Waterborne finishes are becoming increasingly popular with consumers and will still deliver a natural finish for timber flooring.

What are the benefits of choosing an oil based finish over other types of finishes?

Oil based finish keeps the natural timber colour.

What type of timber flooring is an oil based finish suitable for?

All timber species can be finished with an oil based finish.

Are there downsides to choosing an oil based finish?

Oil based finishes are the least hard wearing of all the finishes. They also take longer to dry, as much as up to one week in the winter.

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