Care And Maintenance

Timber flooring floor care and maintenance will keep your Gold Coast home looking beautiful for years to come

If your timber flooring is cared for and maintained well, there’s no reason they shouldn’t last a lifetime.

The good thing about timber flooring is that they are relatively easy to care for.

What is the best floor care and floor maintenance for my timber flooring?

Scratching is of course one thing you should try to avoid when it comes to timber flooring. For this reason, we recommend placing protective pads on the bottom of all the legs of your furniture.

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Dirt and grit can lead to scratching. We suggest placing mats at all entry doorways to reduce dirt and grit being brought onto your timber flooring.

Clean your timber flooring once a week to prevent build-up of surface grit and dirt. For higher traffic areas, we recommend they are cleaned more frequently.

Any spills on timber flooring should be removed immediately. Once this has been done spot clean the affected area with cleaner and a soft cloth.

Rugs are a good idea especially in high traffic areas. Adding a rug will also give you an opportunity to accessorise your room to create a unique look. When you’re looking for a rug, make sure you choose one that allows your timber flooring to breathe.

Timber flooring can be susceptible to getting indentations. The most common causes of indentations are shoe heels such as stilettos and pet claws. If possible, avoid wearing shoes with harsh heels when walking on timber flooring. Keeping your pet’s claws trimmed will help reduce scratching and other damage that can be caused by sharp claws.

To keep your floor in pristine condition we recommend lightly sanding and recoating your timber flooring approximately every 3 to 5 Years (depending on wear). If the surface of your timber flooring is worn too thin it may have to be sanded back to bare timber and then re-finished. To avoid unnecessary cost and inconvenience it’s better to renew the surface before your timber flooring finish wears too thin.

Never “wet mop” your timber flooring. Too much water will cause the floor to swell, lifting the board edges and leaving the boards uneven.

Do not use household cleaners or polishes on polyurethane finished floors. These materials may damage the finish and make overcoating difficult in the future.

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